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Southern Massachusetts

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Serving the Plymouth, Bristol, & Norfolk County area since 1947



Location & Time Subject
April 9, 2018 Arnone School 7:30pm Assignors Night
April 23, 2018 Arnone School 7:30pm Business Meeting
May 7, 2018 Arnone School 7:30pm Pizza Night

Baseball Season is fast approaching.. To be eligable for H.S Games you Must register with the M.I.A.A. You must also take the Concussion protocal, and most importantly pay your Arbitar Fee. Varsity Officials pay Don Fredericks, Sub-Varsity Skip Grossman

To be eligable for High School Games you must submit to a MIAA Background Check. Click on link in the index

As a reminder you have to retake the concussion test every year. It is only valid for 1 calendar year.



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